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Payments to be a part of the Wildlife Guardian Fund (WGF) are processed through The Orangutan Project’s website. This removes any cost for WGF to set up a payment process and it also means you are making a tax deductible donation to a registered charity and will receive a tax receipt. Your transaction will appear in statements as a payment to “Wildlife Conservation International Ltd”, which is the umbrella organisation of The Orangutan Project and the Wildlife Guardian Fund.

WGF Membership

Becoming a member is easy and is open to anyone who is inspired by giving in a more rewarding way. It costs AUD$200 per year and is tax deductible. One hundred per cent of your membership donation will go directly to the supported projects – there are no administrative fees.  Payments received by 31 March receive a vote in the following April.

The combined donations from members is a powerful way to scale up your donation to have a greater impact. While we hope you will be inspired to be an ongoing member, there is no obligation to continue after one year.

Sign up here to make your payment to become a WGF member.

“The impact we had as a group was inspiring.”
– Member of Impact100 WA (an Australian giving group)

WGF logo - baby orangutan Borneo (photo by Therese)


Tax deductible donations of any amount are welcome to help our group support community-led conservation. Donations can be made here.

We really appreciate your support!

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WGF logo - Gibbon - photo by Anthony