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We fund education, training and jobs in conservation to empower people to become leaders and guardians of their local environment


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Want to donate in a more meaningful and rewarding way? Want to help empower people living with wildlife to save it?

You are invited to join the Wildlife Guardian Fund (WGF) and be part of a grass-roots movement to pool our financial resources for greater leverage, enabling a game-changing impact!

Too often when we make a donation to a charity, we don’t know where or how it will be spent and the only follow up is to seek more funding. WGF is different – this is engaged giving. Members of the group pool their individual donations and together we decide by e-voting each April as to which project(s) to support. Donations are tax deductible and 100 per cent of the donation is allocated to the projects chosen to support – there are no administration fees as we are volunteers.

The Fund is a “giving group” which means we are a group of people who pool their individual donations and together decide how to allocate those funds. Giving groups are becoming more and more popular as an alternative way to donate – you get to be more engaged and give in a meaningful and impactful way.

WGF provides grants for community-led conservation in Indonesia to save endangered wildlife and to protect critical rainforest. We fund education, training and jobs in conservation to empower people to become leaders and guardians of their local environment. Empowering people to change their lifestyles is often the cheapest solution with the greatest impact to reduce threats to ecosystems and wildlife.

The problem: Too often we hear about rapid deforestation in Indonesia and the high number of critically endangered animals, like orangutans and tigers, that are on the brink of extinction. The scale of the problem can seem so large and overwhelming that we can feel powerless to stop it. But these problems can be turned around, and each one of us can easily be a part of the solution, especially if we combine our resources.

The solution: The Wildlife Guardian Fund brings together people and businesses with a shared passion for wildlife conservation and social justice, and by using our collective efforts, we will have a game-changing impact. Together we will support community-led conservation; a critical part of the solution that is often overlooked. The forests and wildlife can never be truly protected without involving the people who call the forest their home and empowering them to be guardians of their environment.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
– Ryunosuke Satoro

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Thank you to our awesome business sponsors for helping us help those who protect wildlife!

Belco Pets

Lex and Drew at Belco Pets are your local independent and family owned pet store, who have over twenty years of experience on how to look after your beloved friends. They pride themselves in being an ethical pet shop and in addition to fostering/finding homes for dogs, they raise awareness and funding for endangered species such as orangutans, sumatran elephants, tigers, rhinos and sponsor forest rehabilitation.


The Vintner’s Daughter

VD03768_Logo_Solid_Copper jpgStephanie and Ben create unique small batch wines with true varietal and regional character. They produce the flagship varieties of the Canberra District i.e. Riesling and Shiraz but also concentrate on varieties that are not as common to the district i.e. Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer.




Scooby and Friends Dog Grooming

Scooby logo

Sarah offers a fun and friendly dog grooming service, based at the Canberra Vet Hospital, and prides herself on the wonderful care and compassion she provides. While Sarah loves all pooches, she specialises in small to medium sized dogs.