Can I pay my $200 in installments?

Yes – but the full amount must be paid by 1 April to secure a vote for projects in the following year – there are no exceptions. Donations are not transferable across membership years. We prefer one installment for the payment as it reduces the administration that a volunteer will need to do to keep track of your payments. Play with us on the very best gambling establishment on the net on 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung 2020. Bending put in! Check out in addition to succeed!

What can I do if I can’t afford $200?

You might like to get some friends together to pool resources to come up with the $200. Each donation will be tax deductible. You will need to provide one email address for your group’s vote. Or maybe you would like to make a general tax deductible donation – you won’t get to vote to select the projects to be supported, but you will still be contributing to the outcomes!

Can I give more than $200?

Yes please! Donations above your initial $200 donation will be used to support the selected project(s) in the following year, but won’t give you an extra vote. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made at https://www.orangutan.org.au/donate/wildlifeguardianfund/

What are members’ obligations?

Members who donate $200 before 1 April each year will be invited to vote to select the project(s) to be supported in that calendar year. Members can leave at anytime.

When will voting on projects happen?

Voting will be in April each year for projects that calendar year.

Are there administrative fees?

There are no administrative fees. One hundred per cent of members’ donations is directly spent on the chosen project(s). Business sponsorships will cover any administrative costs (ie. website running costs).

Will I be asked to donate to other causes?

No. There are no solicitations between members. But if you sign up to The Orangutan Project’s newsletter (when making your payment), you will receive requests to support their appeals, which would be in addition to the Wildlife Guardian Fund projects.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! All donations are tax deductible and can be made at https://www.orangutan.org.au/donate/wildlifeguardianfund/. You will be provided with a tax receipt when you make your donation.

How do you decide which projects are funded?

Members decide by voting online from a short-list of projects provided by the Wildlife Conservation International Limited’s expert Conservation Fund. Decisions are by e-voting each April. The projects are nominated from Wildlife Conservation International Limited’s various partner non-government organisations and will be for a range of community-led projects for conservation of forest or various wildlife, such as orangutans, elephants, tigers, bears, gibbons, rhinos or a combination depending on the location of the project.

How will my personal details be used?

We care about and respect your privacy. Each April, you will be emailed to vote for the project(s) to be supported. There may also be limited emails about other important information that we think you will want to receive (ie. updates about supported projects). When joining and making your donation, you have the option to select that you want to receive newsletters from The Orangutan Project. You also have the choice to follow the Wildlife Guardian Fund on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All information, including about networking events, and updates will be provided through these medium and the website. WGF logo - Kinabatangan River elephants (photo by Anthony)